Stronger Partnerships

Stronger Somerset is ambitious and will develop better system working across organisations, not just councils, including the NHS, police, voluntary sector and more.

We know that the collective pooling and analysis of data and generating insight to predict, target and deliver effective services that prevent people as far as possible from experiencing difficulty will be vital to create a sustainable future for public services in Somerset.

The foundation of this is a culture of collaborative and practical data across public service organisations. The new councils will need to work together with partners across the area to safely share the right data, ensuring collective understanding, learning and the joint targeting of resources.

We want to create a world-class approach for Somerset co-owned and developed with our police, health, town, parish, and other partners.

You will find more detail about our plans to create shared services and a collaborative platform both with each other and crucially with local partners, to improve public services and system working in our full proposal, under Connectivity on p103

Reaction to Local Government Secretary's decision

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Thank you to everyone who supported us.