Stronger Economy

Somerset has consistently lagged behind the rest of the UK economy and the South West and is generally a low productivity, low skills and low wage economy. But we can and should do better. This is how we’ll do it.

The growth agenda, levelling up and building back better agendas are all really key for the recovery from the impact of COVID-19.

A Western and an Eastern unitary is the only way to understand the real economic and social differences between the east and west of our county, and serve them better.

A Western Somerset unitary council will be able to focus upon maximising the opportunities from Hinkley Point, alternative energy and coastal tourism.

An Eastern Somerset unitary council can focus on making the area a hub for aerospace and high-tech manufacturing around Yeovil and the developments in agri-tech.

You will find more detail about our distinctive ambition working in partnership to lead our recovery and become a revitalised, resilient, carbon neutral and climate change ready economy well positioned for the 21st century in our full proposal, under Growth on p104

Reaction to Local Government Secretary's decision

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Thank you to everyone who supported us.