Councils back Stronger Somerset proposal which now heads to Government

Somerset’s four District Councils have overwhelmingly backed the Stronger Somerset proposal for a fresh start for the county.

Councillors voted 149 in favour and 24 against across all four Districts to submit the full proposal to central government, with support drawn from across the political spectrum.

03 Dec 2020

Stronger Somerset’s virtual sessions to build a new model for Adult and Children's Services in the county

With the Government pressing ahead with its call for major change in the way public services are provided in Somerset, experts from across the region are coming together to help create a new way of delivering excellent, affordable and sustainable care for everyone.

05 Nov 2020

Making it local - real reform over reorganisation

The key principles which set out why Stronger Somerset is the best choice for a better future in the county have been made clear in an article for The MJ.

07 Oct 2020

A joint response to misinformation released by Somerset County Council

You may have received a copy of the publication Your Somerset through your letterbox which focuses almost exclusively on the debate around the future of local government in the county.

21 Sept 2020

Poll reveals that twice as many residents would back Stronger Somerset than One Somerset as districts’ plan for a better future is finalised

More Somerset residents would back Stronger Somerset as the right solution for a better future than Somerset County Council’s vision for a single council according to the early results from an independent poll.

26 Nov 2020

VIDEO: Cllr Val Keitch on why she backs Stronger Somerset

The Government will soon make a decision on how council services are delivered in Somerset which will have a significant impact for decades for every resident. Cllr Val Keitch is one of four council Leaders in Somerset supporting Stronger Somerset.

15 Oct 2020

Government receives draft Stronger Somerset proposal as plans for a fresh start move forward

The draft Stronger Somerset proposal has now been submitted to Government to keep key ministers up to date with our ambitious plan for a better future.

01 Oct 2020

Stronger Somerset is approved as the best choice to build the future we deserve

A fresh start for Somerset has moved a step closer as every Somerset district council overwhelmingly backed a bold new plan

14 Sept 2020

Experts argue plans for a single council for Somerset will “damage democracy” and pan report which is based on a series of misconceptions

A partisan report which was released to suggest that the creation of old-fashioned single unitary authorities in counties like Somerset was the “best way forward” has been pulled apart by local government experts.

05 Nov 2020

Government invites districts to submit their bold plan for the future for consideration

The Leaders of Somerset’s district councils said in a joint statement: “We have received the invitation  to submit our innovative plan for real change in the way services are provided in Somerset.

10 Oct 2020

Better health and care for residents promised as Adult Health and Care Lead appointed

Kim Curry appointed as Lead for Adult Health and Care to work with people, providers and health and care staff to develop and implement proposals.

25 Sept 2020

Stronger Somerset: Our ambitious plan to deliver a stronger future

Somerset has been offered a once in a generation chance to improve the lives of everyone in the county and here we explain how we plan to do that across the county.

26 Aug 2020

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