Released On 22nd Sep 2020

Better health and care for residents promised as Adult Health and Care Lead appointed

Somerset urgently needs change to ensure our communities gain greater control over the things that matter to them, services improve and a better quality of life for everyone

The district councils of Somerset have an innovative plan for the future – Stronger Somerset – and one of the key areas it focuses on is creating a fresh start for care for adults and older people.

We want social care in Somerset to support people of all ages to live in a place they call home, close to people they love, in communities looking out for one another, while building a future that they aspire to.

The Stronger Somerset plan will deliver better outcomes for people and be financially sustainable. The fresh start for adult social care services will involve a range of interventions that we know work, with a local focus, offering greater independence and better support for those that need it.

To help this work, Stronger Somerset has appointed Kim Curry as its Lead for Adult Health and Care to work with people, providers and health and care staff to develop and implement proposals.

Kim has a track record of success in this area, most recently leading a recovery plan for Herefordshire County Council and integrating health and social care for the Greater Manchester Health and Social Care Partnership, among other key senior executive roles. This also includes a role for Somerset County Council from 2013-15 as Lead Commissioner for Adults and Health, leading both a redesign and culture change in the service.

Mendip District Council Leader Cllr Ros Wyke, on behalf of the Leaders of Somerset’s district councils, said: “It is fantastic to have Kim on board to further develop our proposals which have already been guided by some of the leading experts in the field including the Social Care Institute for Excellence.

“Stronger Somerset is an opportunity to build a better future for care. This will include greater independence and a higher quality of life for young adults with disabilities, and greater independence and wellbeing for older adults. This will all be backed by a solid plan for financial sustainability so that hard-working staff can achieve better outcomes.”

Kim added: “I am absolutely delighted to have been asked to return to Somerset to support and contribute to this work. We have a once in a lifetime opportunity to change local government so it is genuinely and relentlessly focused supporting those that are most vulnerable and giving choice, control and independence back to communities.

Every Somerset district council has overwhelmingly backed Stronger Somerset which promises real change in the way that services are provided for residents and businesses.

To find out more about Stronger Somerset, see all the details of our proposals and provide your feedback, visit 

You can also keep up to date on Twitter and Facebook @strongsomerset. 

The Government consultation on our plan closed on Monday 19 April. 

Thank you to everyone who took part and made their views known.READ OUR CONSULTATION RESPONSE

A local poll will now take place from 18 May to 4 June.

Look out for voter packs in the post.


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