Stronger Services for Adults

Adults’ services across Somerset are not good enough and are getting worse. As the population grows and ages, the pressure on these services will only increase. Deep and fundamental reform is required to improve the quality of services and to make sure they are affordable into the future.

Stronger Somerset has a clear investment plan for adults’ services using money saved through the rationalisation of back office council services that will be delivered by cutting five councils to two. 

Stronger Somerset has a clear improvement plan based on a local place-led approach. Stronger Somerset will deliver enhanced, less remote, bespoke services that meet the needs of local populations as they change. The Stronger Somerset bid is best placed to help keep people healthy and independent for longer.

The move to two unitary councils will simplify integration with our NHS partners and system wide transformation.

We will strengthen support for:

  • people to live well, by improving quality of life factors in their communities, close to their homes
  • people to age well, staying healthy and active for longer at home rather than in a care setting.

We will have a stronger focus on:

  • joined up protection and support for vulnerable people when they need it
  • activities and interventions that keep people connected and part of their community
  • reducing dependency by improving mental, physical and emotional outcomes earlier
  • the wider determinants of health such as housing, leisure and air pollution
  • asset-based approaches and what the individual can already do and what they can potentially achieve, rather than what they find challenging
  • enablement and facilitating the achievement of goals rather than doing things for the individual, helping to lessen the impact of conditions.

We will make this work by:

  • accepting that every community and local area is different and will have similar but also very different needs
  • integrating our services with NHS partners to support the development of the Integrated Care System (ICS) and Integrated Care Partnership (ICP)
  • joining up with our hospitals, GPs, commissioners and community and voluntary groups to focus on what needs a community has and what it is good at
  • bringing organisations such as home care and residential care providers into the community family as genuine partners
  • using evidence, insight and data to better understand what each community needs in detail
  • allocating resources to where there is most need and reviewing this regularly with our partners
  • keeping those services that are specialist and complex together and working across both new councils, for example public health
  • having a Director of Adult Services (DASS) in each new council to make sure that community and council needs are properly represented and statutory duties fulfilled
  • working closely with the children’s services alternative delivery model to make sure young people transition to adulthood with as much independence as possible

How we know it will work

The two unitary model has had success in other areas of the country such as Dorset and Northamptonshire.

The two unitary model puts people and places at the heart of the planning and development of services.

Care is an integral part of the economic growth of the county and needs a focused and community-based approach

The model builds on and accelerates emerging best practice locally and nationally and brings them together.

Technology will be a central feature of the new model to enhance care, support and connectivity.

The Stronger Somerset plan future proofs services to enable integration, respond to reform when it comes, improve the customer experience and drive greater value for money.

Adults' Services Advisor Kim Curry explains how Stronger Somerset will put adults' services centre stage:

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